Historical background

ГАВРИШ Наталія Борисівна
Havrysh Nataliia
Chief Librarian
Candidate of Social Communications Sciences, Associate professor

The library is the temple where spirituality is always born and preserved. Remember that in ancient times the library was called “home of life”, “shelter of wisdom”, “pharmacy for the soul”.

V. Sukhomlynskyi

The history of pharmaceutical education in Kharkiv region began in the Imperial Kharkov University, founded in 1805 by V.N. Karazin. Here at the Faculty of Medicine the first pharmaceutical laboratory was organized.

On September 10, 1921, the first and only in Ukraine the Kharkov Pharmaceutical Institute (KhPhI) was opened. Under the leadership of the first rector N. A. Valyashko the structure of the university was developed and Library of KhPhI was created. It was necessary to start the educational process.

The first librarians were A. Aizenshtak and G. Gorelik.Theyworked a lot to organize the library collections of the KhPhI. A great contribution to the development of the library was made by the teachers, scientists and students, as well as the Kharkov University Library. The first publications “Technology of dosage forms and galenic preparations” by S.G. Kovalev, “Fundamentals of the medicinal formulation” V.I. Syla, “Training manual on the technology of dosage forms for pharmaceutical universities” S.F. Shubin, “Pharmaceuticals and Poisons” by A. Mayerhofer and periodicals “Pharmaceutical Journal” (since 1928), “Chemical-Pharmaceutical Journal” (since 1929), “Journal of the Chemical Industry” (since 1930).

From 1934 to 1950, the Library was headed by E. D. Kats.

During this period an alphabetical and systematic catalogs were created and the number of readers increased.

On the eve of World War II, the fund of educational and scientific literature was 24,000 volumes. But, unfortunately, the Nazi occupation of Kharkov during the Great Patriotic War caused significant losses to the KhPHI library. But thanks to the efforts of professor M.P. Krasovskya great part of the library funds with unique special scientific literature was partly save.

From 1950 to 1961 the Chief of library was F. P. Danilova.

In the 50s the library team started a creation of subject catalog: analytical processing of all specialized books and journal articles. In 1958a reading room with 40 seats was opened. In 1959 a new service was introduced for teachers and students – Interlibrary Loan (ILL) which allowed users to get the necessary literature from the collections of other libraries.

From 1961 to 1970 p. KhPhI library was managed by Olga Kovalenko.

In 1961 the library moved to the building on the 53,Pushkinskaya St. The library issues newsletters of new arrivals and lists of recommended literature. Book exhibitions, reading conferences and debates were organized for students and teachers. In 1965 the institute began training pharmacy specialists for foreign countries, and library needed to provide high-quality information support and to for mate new book fund.

From 1970 to 2004 the Chief librarian was V. N. Schepinova.

It wasa period of intensive development of the library and the time of positive changes in its structure – a department of acquiring and scientific processing of literature, a service department, a reference and bibliographic department and a book storage department were created.

In the early 70s the library fund totaled 89,000 copies and in a short period it increasedin five times. In 1971, bibliographers began publishing of bibliographic collections “Bibliography of printed works and copyright certificates of employees of the Kharkov State Pharmaceutical Institute”.

In 1992 the Kharkov Pharmaceutical Institute was reorganized into the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Academy (UkrPhA).

In addition to preparing students for full-time, evening and correspondence courses, the UkrPhA became the foundation for the advanced training of pharmacists, so the library had needin expansion of the premises. In 1993, the library moved to the new premises in the technological building of the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Academy (4 Blucher St.) with an area of ​​500 sq.m. Time required updating and changes in the structure of the library. Foreign literature department, educational literature department and fiction department were created.

In 1994, the library of the pharmaceutical college joined the library of UkrPhA. In the same year,2 categories were assigned to the library.

The modern information infrastructure of the library determined by the gradual introduction of the latest technologies, begun in 1995, when the first computer appeared in the library. In 1997 the library received a grant from the International Renaissance Foundation – $ 1,500 for subscribing to international periodicals and in 1999 library received two grants, $ 14,000 in total, from the International Renaissance Foundation and the Open Society Institute (Budapest), which made it possible to purchase the necessary computer hardware, four Libermedia software licenses and to connect the library of the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Academy to the LINK Information Service (free access to periodicals of Springer publishing house).

In 1999 the creation of an electronic catalogue and electronic card-file “Book support of the educational process” began. Library began to use Internet resources.

Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Academy by Decree of the President of Ukraine from September 6, 1999 was given the status of National, and in 2002 the Academy became the National University of Pharmacy.

Since 2003, the electronic information room for students and teachers of the NUPh has begun its work.

Since 2004, the NFaU library has been headed by N. B.Havrysh.

The library is constantly rising to a new level of development and turned into a modern information center.

The Library became a member of the Information Consortium Association and signs on-line access to EBSCO’s full-text electronic databases. Since 2005 the formation of the electronic library fund has begun, and the electronic catalogue has been available online.

In 2006 the information technology and computer support department began to work. In 2008 the website of the NUPh library was created, from its pages special library services became available: an electronic catalogue, a virtual reference service, electronic document delivery, virtual thematic exhibitions, etc.

In 2011 NUPh library celebrated its 90th anniversary. On this occasion, in May 2011 an International Scientific and Practical Conference “Library and Information Infrastructure of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry of Ukraine: Traditional and Innovative Development Paths” was held.

The development of information technology requires continuous improvement and development of library technologies. That is why in September 2011 the library changed Libermedia system to IRBIS system. The new automated system solved the main problem of the library – providing all the library staff with automated workstations, which allowed librarians to continue working on updating the electronic catalogue of the University library at a higher level.

In 2011 The NUPh Electronic Archive (eaNUPh) was created. The main goal of the eaNUPh is to accumulate, store and provide constant and reliable access to scientific research of the faculty, staff and students of the University. The electronic archive is organized on the DSpace platform – open source software for creating a university repository.

In January 2012 the library of NUPh has been renamed into the Scientific Library of NuPh.

In 2012 aesthetic club “Harmony” was created and began to work actively. The aim of the club is to enable people of all ages to spend leisure time in an interesting way, expand their horizons, and meet interesting people. The members of “Harmony” club are university professors, botanical garden workers, librarians, students, etc.

In October 2013 The Scientific Library of the National University of Pharmacy held a scientific-practical conference “University Library and Information Services for Science and Education”. The aim of the conference was to discuss problems and prospects for the development of information support of science and education by libraries of Ukraine.

In 2013 the 4th and 5th parts of the bibliographic directory “Scientific heritage of scientists of the National University of Pharmacy”, which reflect the scientific works of university staff for 2005-2010, were published.

A new direction of bibliographic activity of the Scientific Library of the NUPh became the creation of an electronic full-text bio-bibliographic directory, devoted to the anniversary of the former rector of the University, D. P. Salo. It was called “In the honor of the 90th anniversary of the birth of D.P. Salo.”

Since then, the library has been expanded, material and technical facilities of the library have been improved, comfortable conditions for students’ work have been created in new reading rooms of electronic information resources.

In 2017 the librarians of Scientific Library took an active part in conferences and scientific and practical events on the development and implementation of innovative technologies in the field of librarianship.

Since 2018 ​​the Scientific Library has started to support the scientific activities of the university. So, the Library provided advisory and practical assistance to the NUPh scientistsin the registration their profiles in GoogleScholar and ORCID.

In April 2018 the scientific and practical seminar “The Culture of Citation and Prevention of Case of Academic Plagiarism” was held at the NUPh Scientific Library. That year Scientific Library launched a new project “Biblio-Fest”, the aim of which was to promote the development and transformation of the library space as a socio-cultural platform, to attract deans of faculties, curators of groups and trade union leaders to the cooperation.

In April 2019 a training seminar for new depositors “The technology of self-archiving of documents in the Electronic Archive / Repository of NUPh and its role in modern scientific communications” was held.

In May 2019a scientific and practical Internet conference “Modern library: problems, experience and development vectors” was held by Scientific Library of NUPh. The conference was attended by leading specialists of the information and library industry and employees of scientific libraries of Ukraine. 25 reports were presented.

Another significant event was the access to Web of Science and the Scopus database. On this occasion, the library organized a series of lectures and trainings for university staff.