The Scientific Library actively supports the mission of the National University of Pharmacy by creating and developing a comfortable physical and virtual information environment for users based on quality and efficient access to information resources that promote their educational, scientific and professional activity and self-development for life.
In the context of the university development the activity of the Scientific Library of NUPh is aimed at solving important tasks:

  • Development of its own information resources and organization of access to world scientific e-resources.
  • Formation of the fund taking into account the needs of scientific and educational processes and on the basis of close cooperation with the departments and structural units of the university.
  • Promoting open access to the results of scientific research in NUPh through the development and support of the Electronic Archive of NUPh (institutional repository).
  • Improving the “built-in partnership” with the departments: accompanied by publishing activity, scientometric and bibliometric measurements, etc.
  • Improving the quality and expanding the range of library services that flexibly meet the needs of users on the basis of comfort, efficiency, informativeness.
  • Promoting the development of information culture, academic integrity and improving the research competencies of students and university teachers.