Terms of use of the library

Terms of use of the library
The users of the NUPh library are: students of all forms of study, masters, graduate students, faculty,
interns and staff of the university. Preparatory department students and enrollees are allowed to use
the library services in reading rooms only.
To join the library, you must show a student (graduate) card or a work certificate valid this year. All
other readers are served in the reading room only, provided they have a passport with them.
Library users can borrow the documents they need, use all library information resources, as well as
other types of services provided by the Library.
Encyclopedias and other reference books, rare and valuable books can only be used in the reading
Terms of use of literature from the library fund:
‒ students:
educational literature – 1 semester or 1 academic year;
fiction – 1 month;
scientific and reference literature only in reading rooms – during the working day;
foreign literature only in the reading room (foreign literature department and electronic reading room) –
during the working day;
unpublished materials (dissertations) only in the reading room, with the written permission of the rector
of NUPh – during the working day.
‒ faculty and staff of NFaU:
educational, scientific and fiction literature – 1 month;
Documents received by Interlibrary Loan (ILL) – 7-14 days.
At the request of the reader, the period of use of documents can be extended if there are no orders
from other users. You can extend the period of use by phone.
The number of printed issues available for borrowing:
‒ delivery desk of educational literature (students) – up to 30 copies of educational literature and 5
fiction books
‒ the reading room at a time – up to 5 books and magazines
‒ ILL at the same time – no more than 3 copies
It is prohibited to take out publications from the reading room without the permission of a librarian.
The process of delivery and returning of literature is automated. The fact of delivery and returning of
documents is recorded in an electronic form.

In the process of delivery and returning of documents, the user is obliged to verify the issued
editions (the fact of issuance) with electronic record in the form.
The user can verify his electronic form, which is located in the electronic catalogue on the website
of the library through authorization: http://irbis.nuph.edu.ua/cgi-
Note: Authorization – the user's last name in Ukrainian (login) and University pass number (password).

The user has the right:
To receive operative, polite and differentiated service. To get full information about the composition of
the library fund and the procedure for getting an access to it.
For free use of the main library and information services, as well as additional paid services provided by
the Library.
To receive the necessary documents (on different media) from the library fund for temporary use. To
use the services of the ILDS.
To receive advisory assistance in getting library-bibliographic knowledge, skills and abilities for
independent use of the library.
To take part in events held by the library.

The user must:
Provide the necessary information about himself to join the library. If the data changes, promptly warn
the library about the changes.
Carefully handle documents received from the library: not to spoil, not to make notes, not to underline,
not to tear, not to bend pages, etc. Follow the rules for the use of electronic storage media.
Upon receipt of the documents, carefully check their number and the presence of damage, and in case
of defects, warn the librarian about them, who is obliged to make appropriate notes in the documents.
Otherwise, the user is responsible for the defects found.
Return documents no later than the deadline.
not take documents not recorded in the reader form from the library.
For the summer period, students must return to the library all the documents recorded for them in the
reading form.
At the end of the study in the university student must sign a special form with a note that there is no
debt in library.

User Responsibility:
In case of loss or damage of documents from the library fund, the user is obliged to replace them with
similar or equivalent (at the request of the librarian) documents, or reimburse their market value. The
cost of damaged and lost publications is determined at the prices indicated in the accounting records of
the library, taking into account further indexation of the cost.
For violation of the Rules for using the library, the user may be deprived of the right to use the library
fund up to 6 months.